The Boogeyman now has met his match, LIFX light bulbs. Follow him as he VLOGS about the new challenges he faces in his profession. He might be terrifying, but the potential of your home is much scarier.  
NOTE* I want the tag line to be "The Wonder of Light" versus "Smarter Bulbs." My Adobe Premiere files got destroyed and I can't edit the videos. So, just pretend I just changed everything :)
Spot 1: Boogeyman Intro:"Mission Scare Sally."
Spot 1: Boogeyman Intro:"Mission Scare Sally."


Boogeyman VLOG 4632.  Mission “Scare Sally” has gone awry. She has some light bulb that I’ve never encountered. Usually, I rip the light switch from the wall to stop people from the lights, but she used her phone to turn on the lights to chase me away... This bulb changes everything.

Spot 3: "Turn On The Lights." 


Boogeyman VLOG 4634. She got me again. This time I stole Sally’s smartphone… revenge was mine... Then she screamed “Turn off the lights” to a person named Alexa.... Who in satan’s beard is Alexa?

Spot 2: "Running From Purple."


Boogeyman VLOG 4633. I tried using sunglasses for protection from Sally’s light bulb. They worked until she turned up the brightness. Then she attacked by changing colors. All from her phone again. Running from the color purple isn’t fun, or yellow. I will get my revenge, mark my words.

Spot 4: "This Little Runt." 


Boogeyman VLOG 4635.  (Alarms going off) Standing outside of her house. Sally got me again. This time, I cut her wifi routers off, defeating her friend Alexa. I was on the verge of victory until the security system off, and the lights started flashing. This little runt is beating me at my own game, and I’ve tried everything… I think it’s time to start scaring squirrels.

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    Light bulb manufacturers are boring. Fact.     
So, we created the most versatile light bulb on the market.       
Our bulbs are so versatile they even connect to your WIFI. So, what makes a smarter bulb? We've designed a bulb with compatibility features to your smart home kit. "Hey, Alexa. Light the room blue." Now, imagine having over 16 million colors that you can light your house with.     
These light bulbs even connect to your home security system. But, the advantages of versatility don't stop here. You can schedule on-off, fade, color change, and set your home lighting at any preference for any time of day. All with a smartphone.
No switches needed.     
For a bulb with this many features, you would think they would burn out quickly.
Well, that is not the case at all. Even if they do, our bulbs come with a two-year warranty. They last well over three years (life is full of paradoxes).
We could go on.
The only way to appreciate these bulbs is to try them yourself.     
LIFX light bulbs. Bundle kits start at a mere $130, and individual bulbs range from $20-80.
How about that?   
If this is what you're looking for to make your home a better place, it's worth remembering that LIFX is ahead of its time in every single way.

CONTACT  / 651-236-7909

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