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For Brooks, the only thing that matters is running. These shoes are for the people who let everything fall by the wayside because they are as committed to running as Brooks is. 

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The entire concept of this campaign came from short digital spots from a character named Elden Wiley, a crazy obsessed Millenial runner. Every ad above tells a story of his lifestyle.

27-year-old Elden Wiley is sitting at a chair being interviewed about his crazy running obsession from multiple angles. He has red hair, a black mustache, wears aviators, a marathon shirt that says “Nothing Else Matters”,  long red striped tube socks, and bright green short running shorts. 


Spot 1: 

Elden: Hey, my name is Elden Wiley. I’m 27 years old and I love to run, been running all my adult life.


Cutaway: Profile shot of Elden looking at a mirror getting ready to run rubbing vaseline on his nipples.


Elden: I eat running, sleep running, my girlfriend gets mad all I do is run. Hahahahahahahaha. 


Cutaway: Elden is outside stretching in the snow with no warm clothes on. 


Elden: I remember one time someone asked me, “Hey Elden, Hey Elden, Hey Elden. Why don’t you have a cell phone?”

And I said (looks away into another camera on the side and takes off his sunglasses) because…. I run...that's it... No need for cell phones. All I do is run, and nothing else.

Spot 2:

Elden: My name is Elden… and I love running.


Cutaway: Gets his running face on in a mirror. 


Elden (VO): I used to be like most millennials back then always on my smartphone, looking for wifi passwords, searching for open outlets.


Cutaway: Elden runs up to a stoplight, hits the button, and is running in place very aggressively. 


Elden (VO): But, I don’t care for that anymore. Because I just run. I just run. I just @#!% run. 


Close up: Elden is coughing and slaps his chest.


Elden: Sorry… (Cough) that’s my bronchitis messing me up again. But, I call that my second wind. (Pounds his chest while coughing) Sickness doesn’t stop me… I just need to run, because nothing else matters.

Spot 3:

Elden: There was this one time I was running, I was at the lake, it was a good sunny @!&% day… I was on my 15th mile then...


Cutaway: Elden running with a super intense face…. Superfast with bad form. He slowly discovers another runner. 


Elden (VO): There was this one dude running… with a selfie stick.


Elden: Can you believe that shit? He had some big designer headphones on his head too. (Puts hand over his face and shakes his head.)

Cutaway: Elden makes a weird look at this strange runner. 


Elden: HAHAHAHA you should have seen his shoes, they were like basketball shoes or something…  and he’s taking up the whole lane….


(Stares at the camera intensely)


Elden: So you know what I did… You know what I did…. I ran that dude over. GET OUT OF MY WAY.


Cutaway: Elden at rest breathing hard and checking his pulse.

Elden: People make fitness so damn complicated these days. All I need is a pair of shoes and nothing else.

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