When it comes to peanut butter, there's premium, organic, and now there's Good Spread. It is the third wave of peanut butter, which means Good Spread is a revolutionary snack that saves lives. This was commissioned work, and I got to present this campaign to the client on how this could solve their problem of how it is a tastier snack that can save lives to potential consumers. Also to note, this content was created by using Alex Bogusky's new "Scientific Creative Method for Advertising." It was an honor to take third place in CP+P's Summer Internship Program out of the 12 participants. 

Creative Directors: Tony Calcao and Kelly McCormick

Sample Packets
A 30-second rough spot that I got to produce.
Interactive CAPTCHA's where people can type in the brand messaging of the company. It takes something annoying that we see
on the internet and makes it fun and informative. 
Good Spread partners with REI to create a reusable peanut butter jar that turns into a solar powered LED camping lantern, so you can snack and be environmentally friendly
Good Spread partners with Massage Envy
to create a peanut butter mask service, to start a culture promoting to indulge in giving goodness to the world.
Here is a perfume magazine ad. Instead of smelling like peanut butter, the flap it is scented like Georgia in the Fall. It provides shock value, and tells the story of the brand. 
Since the product is not sold in stores, the solution created here is to pair this ad by foods that go well with Good Spread. Consumers can scan the ad and it will take them to the point of sale.